What are the career opportunities after a Lean Six Sigma certificate?


Companies across all sectors are giving a lot of importance to process excellence in the current world. I have seen many companies promoting Lean Six Sigma training program. They also run in-house process excellence training programs. Sometimes, it’s part of manager’s KRA to get x% of resources trained on basic process excellence methodology. And some companies also expect manager’s to have knowledge of Lean Six Sigma to get promoted to the next level.

After certification, you can get into the core process excellence role, which will involve identifying process improvement opportunities, competency building, helping business operations to run as per service level agreement, etc. In this role, you won’t be a part of any primary service teams but will be aligned with them to achieve process efficiency more like a third party character. Depending on your experience, you can get into a particular hierarchical level.

Another option is to stay in main business line i.e. as a part of some operations team and use process excellence knowledge to get that extra bonus points. Kano model developed in 1980, still holds true for customer satisfaction. There are basic needs (must be’s), performance needs (leading to satisfaction if fulfilled and dissatisfaction if not), and delighters. Lean Six Sigma certification will help you identify and achieve those delighters.

What are the career opportunities after a Lean Six Sigma certificate?


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