What is poka yoke?


Poka-Yoke is Japan term which means ‘mistake-proofing.’

Poka-Yoke prevents errors to convert into defects or defective products hence improving quality.

There are two types of mistake proofing done:

A. Preventive Poka-Yoke: Mistake proofing to avoid the occurrence of the error. Preventive Poka-Yoke is also called as Control or Shutdown Poka Yoke.

For example:

An account is blocked if incorrect password updated for multiple time.

MS Excel gives warming to save the document while closing if not saved already. 


Computer plugs are designed such that they can be plugged in a particular way hence avoiding system damage.

B. Detection Poka-Yoke: Mistake proofing to alert as and when error occur. This is also called as Warning or Attention Poke Yoke.

For example:

Car to give warming for over speeding or for not wearing seat belts.

Smoke Detectors

Notifications generated for the orders/transactions which may miss SLAs